Gallery of Paintings between 1996 & 2001

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white horse hill,'94,
hemp canvas 26x30cm .
One of my first pictures painted with earth pigments. The white highlights are chalk from White Horse Hill, Uffington, Berkshire. I have used a little gold paint to gild it like an icon or Buddha . The site is a sacred place for me .

Planet-tree horse 94
canvas 24x33
Vision of Conscious Earth.Chalk from White Horse Hill as background

" Private Collection"

See the trees '94 hemp canvas 35x45cm
Inspired by a sketch from an Indian 'minature' of Krishna teasing the gopis.
Earth from various sources including woodland in Kent and Surrey .

(First exibited on the Internet in '95 as part of The World's Women On Line! see
http://www.asu.edu/wwol ,launched in Bejiing, China in conjunction with the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women.)

" Private Collection"

Pegasus' flight 50x70cms '95 canvas
Inspired by a Hopi story of a flying pony spreading healing around the world.
Background colour from the Alpujares mountains of Southern Spain

Pegasus '95
paper 10x 12 cms
A series of screen-prints individually hand-painted with various different pigments
  The following series of pictures are a few of those painted whilst Artist in Residence for Dartmoor National Park (medium,price and dimensions are identical)

Epona, '96
, paper 31x41cm.
Inspired by Epona, Celtic horse goddess known as the 'mother of foals'.
The White Horse at Uffington is said to be in honour of her.

Moor-Art '96

Painted with earth from Dartmoor , depicting features of places where l collected each pigment

Dartmoor Ponies '96

Dartmoor ponies painted with Dartmoor pigments
l love the way the ponies roam and graze freely here throughout the moor.

Honouring with a wreath '96
paper 31x41<
From a sketch entitled 'lt's ok! Relax." Painted mainly with Dartmoor pigments.

Tartan mixing, 96,
paper 31x41cm. Pigments collected on Dartmoor
Experimenting with the way colours fuse and sing together.
I like the idea of celebrating the feeling of belonging to a place.

" Private Collection"

Love of the land ( Maintaining the balance)
4ftx3ft The feel of a hug. The Dartmoor ponies nip and gnaw each other in companionable affection.

rhiannon and llyr, 96
, paper 31x41cm.
The first picture painted after moving to the village of Holne, where the River Dart is wide and deep. The title alludes to a legend of a Welsh goddess and her son.

" Private Collection"

seahorse embrace, 98, paper 38x31cm.
Inspired by a loving commission; the black seahorse is peat from Bellever Tor, Dartmoor, the white seahorse is chalk from Whitehorse Hill, on the Berkshire Downs. The background is clay from chestnut woodlands in Sussex, beside my birthplace.

tree goddess,'98
paper, 18x25cm
Painted for a friend who asked for 'trees, water, and sun". The eyes are Blue Lias clay from Charmouth beach in Dorset, the red sunrays earth from Andalusia and the pale light from Northumberland. Other pigments from Dartmoor.

" Private Collection"

earth-love flow, '99 muslin, 86x66cm.
The bodies are of sub-soil collected from Dartmoor, the white paint is china clay; the sky, from the shale dust from a sacred crystal mine in Arkansas. The hill is gold earth from Glastonbury Tor.

3 women + a rainbow, 97
paper, 25x18.
I stood with two friends, arms around each other, by the West Dart River near Sherberton and there appeared a rainbow.

universal tree,'98
paper, 30x40cm.
Inspired by standing in the hollow trunk of the ancient yew tree in Holne churchyard. The pale green and red soil is from Budleigh Salterton Beach, Devon; pale pink from Dartmoor; gold from Glastonbury Tor.

" Private Collection"

rhigantona ancient earth/ goddess, '98-01 painted on bark-cloth from Africa.
Started in the playground of Shaugh Prior primary school with advice from the children using local china clay.

riding in Spain '00
paper 20x28cms
pigments collected in Andalucia on horseback

" Private Collection"

earth meditation, '00 hemp canvas, 33x30cm
(For my friend Andy) Painted in in the gallery at the High Moorland visitors centre Princetown during my exhibition there.

pony hug, 00
hemp canvas, 33x35cm.
An image felt in a dream. Pigments from Devon and California.

spirit of the forest, woodcut print, '01
, paper, 33x32cm.
Pigment from the riverbank near Ashburton. Inspired by drawing a leaf from each tree found by the river Dart , near Holne

" Private Collection"

moon hug, '01, hemp canvas, 76x76cm.
A circle of thirteen - the deep purple-red pigment used to paint the background of the universe is from an old quarry near Bath; it shines with magical silver sparkles. The pigments used to paint the people are from America, Dartmoor and Spain.

samples of colours used to paint moon hug '01
paper 25x18cm
a note of where each colour came from

Passion 01 paper
25x18 Spanish pigments in almond-tree sap

" Private Collection"

earth rainbow '01 25x18cm
playing with pigment colours

un beso de la tierra madre/ a kiss from mother earth '01
paper 25x18cm monoprint.
spanish pigments mixed with honey and resin from an old almond tree
the image seen in a dream .

" Private Collection"

Earth '99 hemp canvas 15 x 25 ins
Dartmoor peat, Glastonbury Tor, Devon red and creamy clay.

Title: Cow 2000, Earth Pigments on canvas 86 x 66cm
South Devon Jersey Cross with a scene of Scorriton Down.
Available as a print.