Celebrate a life’s journey with a painting. 


What makes a commission by Cea so unique is the fact that you can choose earth from your own places of significance. Perhaps a painting for an octogenarian with earth taken from special places and times in their life, or to mark a significant occasion like a wedding bringing different earth together in a new place.




Image left: ‘Nuptial Dance, 2008’ was a wedding gift which included earth from the bride and groom’s birthplaces and the site where they got married. 


“ We have collected the pigments, a magical experience!” “ They really loved it and bonded with it straight away"


Nuptial Dance is also available as a giclee (43.3 x 60) cm print to order.



" Your lovely wonderful print arrived this weekend and I wanted to tell you that although you painted it for a wedding, to me it represents the embracing of the light in the form of self-realisation.  So it is really a picture about Enlightenment, love and embracing the Wholeness which is our true nature.  That is how it seems to me anyhow!  I am really looking forward to having it framed and hanging it up.  Thank you again - you are very talented." Fiona Agombar, Yoga Teacher.






Image right: 'Moon and Tides, Sacred Yoni '02' 

A yoga-dance therapist asked Cea to use her feet and paint whilst dancing; creating a unique picturethat holds centrepiece in the family-home.

“My painting is an expression of womanhood rising from the earth. Thankyou Cea for the beauty of it...

Thank you for your powerful perception, unique artistry and emotive expression. Abundance and Love Michelle www.movingnaturally.co.uk